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Suder Pools

construction Process...

How we do it

While every project is different, the typical approach that Suder Pools uses follows a general process.







The Basic Construction Phases

1) Site Preparation and Excavation: We realize that moving heavy equipment over property is the last thing most people want, so we take all the precautions necessary including discussing the best entrance/exit points for equipment with our Customers. Suder Pools will work with the local authorities to assure that the necessary permits are obtained and that we know where all underground services are before we begin.

2) Steel Rebar: A critical part of the pool structure, Suder Pools uses 1/2" rebar to build the support system for the Pool & Spa. Local codes typically only require 3/8" but our experience is that the heavier gage rebar steel provides a more robust design.

3) Gunite Shell: Suder Pools uses a Gunite concrete mix for the Pool & Spa shell. Once the shell is poured/applied, the project begins to take on the vision that went into the design.

4) Underground Utility Installation: At this point in time, underground wiring and plumbing gets placed and prepped for hook up to services.

5) Decking & Plastering: The surrounding platforms are installed and the pool gets its finish coat of plaster (or other surfaces as selected).

6) Landscaping: At this final stage, the finishing touches are applied to your landscape inlcuding final grading and seeding, and any required plantings and fencing. Now it's time to vacation at your very own resort!